Thanks Paul Clark – Florida Libraries get funded for one more year

Florida decided to restore state aid to Florida’s public library system. This is good news. There’s also a quirky feel good story about one Florida librarian a systems librarian at Wilderness Coast Public Libraries, who dedicated his vacation to hanging around the Capitol which he did last year as well.

This year Paul spent days at the Florida Capitol, holding signs in suppport of State Aid funding for public libraries. At midnight on April 26 as funding was restored, Senator J.D. Alexander acknowledged that advocates could learn a lot from Paul’s example.

FLA blog mentions this, and Paul comments “Together, as a team we won a victory for the many patrons who rely on their libraries.” Thanks Paul, and Co.Longer story over at and Library Journal.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Paul Clark – Florida Libraries get funded for one more year

  1. Did Paul take his victory lap too soon? I just heard that Clearwater is closing its branches!!! Why is that?

  2. Paul did his part. It’s time for everyone else to be inspired by him. Library services are being gutted throughout the US. So Paul take that lap and enjoy it because if enough people articulate what their community library offers them, cutting library services won’t be the path of least resistance.

  3. Selamat untuk Paul. Congrats! Don’t let our services dying due to financial crisis. It’s our responsibility. Bagus the librarian

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