what happens when you don’t get what you pay for

Nicole wonders aloud why people who paid for an Open Source OPAC from LibLime aren’t raising hell when they are instead pressured to accept the closer-source version instead?

So why are these librarians taking it? Why are they being quiet? I don’t have an answer for you – and so I’m hoping someone out there can answer this for me. If you signed a contract for one product and then are told you have to use another – do you just say okay? or do you move on or demand the product you originally wanted. I think that the result of the Queens Library law suit will be very interesting – but I’m shocked that this is the first!! Librarians have been just taking these hits and coming back for more.

5 thoughts on “what happens when you don’t get what you pay for

  1. How do you feel about it? Do you have the same opinion?

    — Ben

  2. I really don’t know. I think if I had a contract with LibLime I’d mind. That said there are a lot of reasons people stick with vendors. We didn’t go with LibLime in Vermont because they were way too expensive for what we needed and what we could afford. I don’t know if they’re like that for other people. If I was going with an Open Source vendor I think I’d really want them to maintain their PS committment throughout, yeah, but I can’t second guess other folks’ motivations.

  3. I have plenty to say about the poor quality of our ILS (not open source) and the vendor we have to do business with but what are our choices. We thought about going to LibLime or Evergreen but it looks like all the vendors are basically the same, once they’ve hooked you they feel no obligation to provide a quality product with good support and if there were another choice believe me I would be heading in that direction. So if anyone knows of a great ILS vendor with good support, please let me know, we’re always looking.

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