Do Nothing But Read Day

Today is the first ever Do Nothing But Read Day. I have been remiss in not telling you about it before. While I am doing my part in that I am still in pajamas, I actually have some plans today because it’s the neighborhood Solstice Bonfire. I will swap DNBRD with actual Solstice and do my best to wear mostly pajamas and mostly read. I’ve done a decent job stepping up my reading this year when I realized that my book-reading was plummeting last year. Not a huge deal, but I decided that if reading books was important to me, I should make an effort to do it, not just bemoan not doing it. So I did. And it’s been going well. Best of luck for best of books over the holiday season and the new year.

4 thoughts on “Do Nothing But Read Day

  1. OK, I MISSED THIS – so bummed out….will it always be the 20th or the 3rd Sunday in Deceber, pls tell me – I need any excuse I can get to sit on the couch with my latest book…..!


  2. Ohhh, I wish I’d known about this. It’s okay though–I’m a college student on winter break, I’ll just host my own tomorrow!

    Also, I’m new to your blog but I really love it. And wow, you’re a Hampshire grad? I’m currently in the middle of my second year! Thank god some people like you are out there being cool alumni we can point to and be like “see? See? We turn it out good people! We’re not just a bunch of crazy hippies!”

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