public library photos and reminiscences

New Canaan Public Library from LoC
Shorpy is a great source for old photographs. They often get them from sources like the Library of Congress which is where this photo of the New Cannan public library in 1953 came from. You can also see the original set of photos over at the Library of Congress [did not see this one over at their Flickr photostream]. The big add that Shorpy’s has, however, is the community. It’s not just a photo of a library, it’s also people commenting about their memories of the library including where else they’ve seen that certain floor tile [fun fact: it’s also the tile that’s in my bathroom as near as I can tell] [thanks mike]

4 thoughts on “public library photos and reminiscences

  1. Hi,

    Glad you liked this image from the Gottscho-Schleisner Collection in American Memory.

    The url you have for the image is a temporary one. Correct one is
    . It does appear according to the Rights and Restrictions statement

    the collection may be in the public domain. You might want to suggest to the staff in Prints and Photographs that this might be an interesting collection to add to the Flickr photostream.

    FYI if you want to know how to locate permanent url’s for individual items on American Memory or the Prints and Photographs online catalog you may want to look at

    Hope this is helpful.

  2. Hi Danna, thanks for the comment. I updated the link and I’ll drop a nice note to the folks from Prints. Not sure why the links didn’t work in your comment.

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