silence in the library – a fashion spread

A Flutter of Gauzy Fabrics for Vogue Italia, 2006. Huh. Is anyone else thinking “oh my those books are going to get all messed up!”

8 comments for “silence in the library – a fashion spread

  1. Linda
    20Nov09 at 1:26

    Oh yeah. I’ve tweeted your post with the alternative title “famine victims come back as book-damaging poltergeists”

  2. rhonda
    20Nov09 at 1:40

    Seriously, will somebody throw them some food, please?

  3. 20Nov09 at 4:20

    wow. just think of the publicity the next generation of librarians could get with those clothes. thanks for sharing!

  4. Linda
    20Nov09 at 5:27

    I don’t think that last picture would pass the library employee dress code……LOLOL

  5. aishoka
    23Nov09 at 6:28

    Reminds me of the bookstore scene in “Funny Face”

  6. 07Dec09 at 3:06

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