sony reader works with ebooks and libraries, sort of

The new Sony Reader, the biggest competition to the Kindle, is supposedly going to be able to check out digital books from libraries that use the Overdrive service. I guess this begs the obvious question: why go to the library for this service at all? I guess that Overdrive just bulk offers the checkoutability service to libraries (hello restrictive DRM!) which is something but man I just wish their service were better and easier to use.

2 thoughts on “sony reader works with ebooks and libraries, sort of

  1. Libraries certainly offer more than just books. Furthermore, not everyone can afford an ebook.

    Using the service can be difficult, but I think the Sony Reader transfer is easier than transferring an audiobook to a player. Plus you can hack the Sony Reader to give you longer check-out times.

    I think this is great because you have the possibility of getting free library books wireless on a Sony Reader. I think free new books are what is missing in the ebook front, a real digital public library. Libraries also offer Sony Readers for checkout with library books on them.

  2. It’s a very nice step to see news stories that actually include both the words “library” and “ebook”, but I think the format will be heavily niche until it stops being such a pain in the ass to use and lets go of the restrictions of physical media.

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