What is up with me? Some talks and notes.

I just got back from Albany, New York where I was a presenter at Albany Public’s fifth annual Reader’s Advisory Conference. It was a fun day. I’m a night owl so I missed Nora Rawlinson’s talk in the morning. She runs the website EarlyWord which is a nifty blog+more about publishing and libraries. My talk was about Library 2.0 and what tools and tips there are in there for Reader’s Advisory.

I’ve been talking about 2.0 stuff for a while but I put together a whole new talk from the ground up just so I could get current links, examples and maybe some snappier slides. I’ve been using Keynote for more of my talks lately which allows me to have versions available for people in Keynote, PDF and PowerPoint formats. Anyone who wants to grab a copy of the talk, please feel free. I also uploaded a hyperlinked version of my Colorado Association of Libraries talk along with the slides so people can follow along and see what I was talking about.

Now that that’s all taken care of, I can say that my public speaking for 2008 is officially over except for some lingering receipts and invoicing. I really tried to push myself this year to say “Yes.” to as many people as possible and meet as many librarians as I could. It was at times totally exhausting, incredibly rewarding and, as always a huge learning experience. Next year I’ll be doing probably slightly less of the same as I help a local library here with their automation project and spend more time with my boyfriend and many good books. I will be at the Superconference and Computers in Libraries, among other places, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around.

Thanks to everyone who has ever been an audience member, a conference coordinator or an agreeable boss or co-worker as I’ve been doing all this stuff. It’s been a really rewarding year on the road and I hope I’ve been able to direct some of that positive energy outwards as well.

4 thoughts on “What is up with me? Some talks and notes.

  1. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your talk at CAL-it was nice to hear someone speak with a sense of humor at a library conference-and don’t worry i got all the intarwebs jokes. Been following the blog and lurking at metafilter for years so it was cool to see the lady behind the curtain(s) speak. thanks!

  2. Jessamyn, you are a treasure trove. I am just trawling through your marvellous assessment of the usefulness of certain generic social media tools on your ‘great big HTML page.’
    Brilliant, and you are so good to share it all.
    I do hope everyone realises how lucky they are to have your expert opinion so freely available.

  3. I was glad to see you got to do this program – I got to do it a couple of years ago with Kaite Stover, and really enjoyed visiting Albany, and the work they there. I look forward to seeing your notes.

  4. Thank you so much for posting your show notes on Reader’s Advisory! I use Goodreads, Overbooked and Blogging for a Good Book in my library life and my personal book life–and I am always looking for more tools.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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