Reading: Revolting Librarians Redux Remains

John Miedema wrote a review of Revolting Librarians Redux on his blog and also announced he’ll be coming out with Slow Reading the book, through Litwin Books. I was surprised during my last set of talks that there were librarians who had copies of RLR (and asked me to sign them) at both places. My co-editor on that book, K.R. Roberto has also come out with Radical Cataloging which looks like it will be a similarly irreverent and yet serious look at another part of our profession. With essay titles like “This Subfield Kills Fascists” and “Dr. Strangecataloger: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tag,” it should be on every cataloger’s desk.

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  1. When I was looking at going to library school, Revolting Librarians Redux was the first thing I read. I still read it, even though I’m now planning to go study Public History (which, ultimately, will probably mean that I end up being the kind of librarian I wanted to be). Good job helping to put together such a helpful, reassuring, irreverent, hilarious, enjoyable book.

  2. Might I humbly suggest, as a reference and instruction librarian with a chapter in K.R.’s wonderful volume, that a copy of Radical Cataloging really belongs on every *librarian’s* desk. There’s no reason in the world catalogers should get to have all the critical fun.

  3. Thanks for the mention of the Slow Reading book, Jessamyn. And the recommendation of Katia’s book. I’ve been working my way through some material on progressive librarianship, the kind not on the reading list at library school, and am finding there is no shortage of great material. Might have to go on hold while I finish writing Slow Reading though …

  4. Hi John,
    Are you able to share that list of great material with me?

    NZ Library Studies Student

  5. Hana, I think my list got caught in Jessamyn’s spam trap because of the links. I posted it at my blog. Click my name on this comment. It’s listed there.

  6. Thanks for the plug! If this makes me an independently wealthy librarian, I will share some of the wealth with you.

  7. As one of those who recently sought out a signature… at RILA actually let me just say THANKS!
    I’ll have to purchase the cataloging tome for our fabulous Tech Services librarian!!!

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