Reading: Revolting Librarians Redux Remains

John Miedema wrote a review of Revolting Librarians Redux on his blog and also announced he’ll be coming out with Slow Reading the book, through Litwin Books. I was surprised during my last set of talks that there were librarians who had copies of RLR (and asked me to sign them) at both places. My co-editor on that book, K.R. Roberto has also come out with Radical Cataloging which looks like it will be a similarly irreverent and yet serious look at another part of our profession. With essay titles like “This Subfield Kills Fascists” and “Dr. Strangecataloger: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tag,” it should be on every cataloger’s desk.

Revolting Librarians Redux fundraiser ends tomorrow

Thanks to everyone who has played along and bid on the four copies of Revolting Librarians Redux that KR and I have on ebay as a fundraiser for the EFF. The auction closes tomorrow and has already raised $80+ which may be a drop in the bucket but I’ll be happy to send them a nice thank you note from the librarians for all the work they’ve done and continue to do. update: thanks everyone, the books got a bunch of bids and went for $21/each. $84 to the EFF!