Notes from Montreal talks

I managed to do two talks in two days from the same set of slides that were, in many ways, totally different.

I talked about Library 2.0 stuff to McGill SLIS students on Thursday and then to professional librarians (mostly) today. Good talks, interesting people, all followed up with some delicious food and grand socializing in Montreal, one of my favorite places. If anyone would like to see my list of links and handout, you can see them on this page: Library 2.0 – links & resources. The pdf is sort of large, but the list of links goes to almost all the websites I talked about, and the handout is the standard “places to find me online” if you want to explore a little but don’t know many people using the tools yet.

Thanks to everyone who came out and listened and responded and limboed and chatted with me.

4 thoughts on “Notes from Montreal talks

  1. Thanks for the chat, the presentation and the socializing, that was a great presentation on the 2.0 trend in the library.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your talk, and especially your lack of bullet points. Thanks for coming!

  3. Hi Jessamyn,

    Thanks so much for coming to SIS! I really enjoyed your presentations, especially the one on Thursday night. Anyway, I’d been subscribing to for a while, but seeing you speak really inspired me to start my own blog. And somehow that blog has already left a comment above… um, I’m still not totally sure how this whole blogosphere thing works. But thanks!

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