Web 2.me – a talk in Montreal

I’ve been getting pretty bad at doing advance notice for some of the public speaking that I’ve been doing and have a resolution of sorts to get better about it. So, this is a few days advance notice that I’ll be in Montreal at the end of the week — have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Canada lately? I am so lucky it’s close by — to do two things.

  1. Chitchat with McGill students on the evening of the 14th. Yes, I have a date with the McGill School of Information Studies (quick, Google still shows the L word in the school’s name) on Valentine’s Day and think it will be great. McGill is home to The Marginal Librarian which I linked in librarian.net when most of this current group of students would just have been entering high school. How hot is it that their URL still works? Answer: very hot.
  2. The next day I’ll be giving a talk at a “Workshop for Information Professionals” called Web 2.you. There are a bunch of nifty people speaking on topics ranging from the predicted death of Boolean to libraries in Second Life. I’m speaking late in the day about the Library 2.0 idea and social software and their place in libraries generally. If you’re in the Montreal area, it’s a cheap and fun day of talks you might want to check out.

5 thoughts on “Web 2.me – a talk in Montreal

  1. “the predicted death of Boolean”

    This will be a surprise to a lot of software engineers that I know. ;-)

    I trust you are referring to library patrons/customers having to learn some arcane syntax (that’s an oxymoron) in order to use their library’s catalog. I would be very happy to see that rendered extinct. Maybe someday we’ll catch up with where Google and Amazon were a decade ago.

  2. Oops! Not “oxymoron.” “Arcane syntax” is redundant. What’s the word I want? Tautology?

  3. Our school may be SIS (starting just this year), but at least our degree still has the “L” in it, at least for now. In any case, we McGill SISsies are very excited to have you up for a visit!

  4. Hi Sharon – we’re definitely speaking about the user context.

  5. Darn! I just moved to Montreal 2 weeks ago for a new library job, but there’s no way I can get Friday off to go to that workshop.
    Enjoy your visit to Montreal!

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