Computers in Libraries welcomes me

Jessamyn Joins Us

If you’re at ALA you may have already seen this issue of Computers in Libraries. If not, you may be interested to know that I’m going to be co-editing (well alternating writing) the Tech Tips Column with Rachel Singer Gordon.

It’s hard for wordy old me to give advice in 1300 words but I do my best and even include a screenshot or two. I have the right to post my columns ninety days after they’re published in print so they’ll show up here eventually as well. The January issue has my advice on how to examine your web logs to figure out how, when and where users are accessing your website. The column I put to bed just today (I guess technically it’s a department, Dan Chudnov, now he has a column) due out in March is about Open Source software. I’m a little sad to see my favorite editor, Kathy Dempsey, move on to bigger and better things and I’m a little nervous about getting edited again, but so far it’s been great and just another way to get the word out.

6 comments for “Computers in Libraries welcomes me

  1. 15Jan08 at 9:29

    Felicidades! Does this mean you might be coming to ER&L this spring in Atlanta? If so, holla.

  2. 15Jan08 at 10:11

    awesome! I’m looking forward to reading your column

  3. Jamie Anderson
    15Jan08 at 11:29

    Eeek, attack of the Spambots. Quick everyone take cover!

    Congrats Jessamyn. Now I have more reason to read CiL when it is routed across my desk.

  4. 15Jan08 at 3:28

    I love love love that it’s two women alternating writing this column. Congrats and thanks to both you and Rachel!

  5. 15Jan08 at 3:55

    column schmolumn. you should see my parking space!

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