Access 2007 – quick report from the floor

My talk went well. It was scary (keynote!), early (8:30!), and multimedia (slides, video, me doing the blah blah part). I have this problem basically not being able to remember a thing I said after I get off the microphone BUT this time I wrote the talk out first, and this time I think it was even recorded. I’ll keep you posted on that. Here are my slides, notes and some more links. Thanks to everyone who paid close attention, blogged about it, and/or laughed at my jokes, and thanks to the conference planners for inviting me and encouraging me to make the trip.

5 thoughts on “Access 2007 – quick report from the floor

  1. It was a great talk, especially the IT Crowd clips. Have you seen the 2nd season yet? It is even better imho.

  2. Hi Jessamyn – Just looked at your slides and notes. Nice job! Rhonda

  3. I love that you begin by owning that you are an ‘imposter.’ I do that too, usually by saying ‘I have no business being here.’ Then I go right to the dirty pictures. Last Monday in Everett I got to show folks the cover art to ‘Thong on Fire,’ by Noire. Highlight of my day, pretty much.

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