ACURIL talk – Library 2.0 &c.

I just got done giving my Library 2.0 talk Library 2.0 in Word and Deed at ACURIL. You’ll notice I made slides this time, real slides like PowerPoint (well, NeoOffice, but it’s about the same). I like giving talks this way, though I don’t think I’m ready to abandon my nifty slideware, just wanted to try it out. The talk went well despite a comedy of errors including

  • My name and talk being nowhere on the program.
  • My talk starting 40 min after the start time noted on the flyer that my contact was handing out.
  • My losing my cables for my laptop (stolen? lost?) and having to borrow another computer
  • That computer not having OpenOffice so having to actually use PowerPoint along with OpenOffice’s save-as-powerpoint feature. Worked like a charm.
  • My talk ending roughly 30 minutes before the bus was supposed to pick everyone up to take them on the Bacardi factory tour. Not a fidgeter in the room.

So, had I not been in a tropical wonderland, this might have buggd me some. But since everyone else here is exceptionally relaxed and friendly and the ocean is right outside my window, I’ve found some sort of inner fortitude and am managing to have a pretty good time. Only wish I could stay longer.

2 thoughts on “ACURIL talk – Library 2.0 &c.

  1. We had a great time listening to you. It was a pity there were so many problems with the program. It was out today (at last) and with many errors.

    Hope you enjoyed the Bacardi factory tour. Rest assured that we sure did enjoy your talk and meeting you.

  2. I enjoyed your talk too! I’m happy I happened upon it yesterday. And will definitely pass on your advice to attendees when I give my talk tomorrow on “Law Blogs, Wikis, and a Second Life, Oh My!” at ACURIL about starting your 2.0 experience with using what your friends use. And yes, San Juan is nice, no? :-) Lyo.

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