Happy Birthday Little Weblog

Librarian.net is eight years old today!

You can take a peek at what it looked like when I first started it up, April 20, 1999. Back then we didn’t have CMSes and I had to upload the webpages uphill both ways in the snow to bring you all these excellent links. I didn’t have comments (though to be fair, I was slow on that bandwagon even once I moved to Movable Type). I based my design on Jesse James Garrett’s Infosift which predated lib.net by almost a year. I met Jesse mainly because I asked for design help [and to ask if he minded if I copied him] and my friendship with him and a big group of early bloggers paved the way to my work with MetaFilter and a lot of my interest in 2.0 technologies. Today I’m in Dodge City, Kansas preparing to give a talk about the big 2.0 thing and I’ll see if I can wrap all that in together and make it make sense to folks who don’t have a bunch of stuff on Twitter and who may wonder “Why MySpace?”

10 comments for “Happy Birthday Little Weblog

  1. 20Apr07 at 12:25

    Happy Birthday!

  2. 20Apr07 at 12:28

    Happy 8th!

  3. 20Apr07 at 2:52

    Congrats. Geeze you are an oldie in blogger terms.

  4. 20Apr07 at 3:25

    Geez, you don’t look a day over six and a half. Thanks for putting rarin’ back.

  5. mat
    20Apr07 at 3:40

    Yay! Happy birthday.

    I’m glad you still have the original pages. It’s always interesting to go back and look at the way sites looked a few years ago, and when old content is all republished in a new format, I think something historical is lost.

  6. 20Apr07 at 9:24

    Congratulations – wow, eight years old. Perhaps blogs age backwards, like their archives – the older you are, the fresher and more hip to the now. Certainly true in this case.

  7. 21Apr07 at 1:26

    Happy birfday, librarian.net!

  8. Lisa
    21Apr07 at 6:02

    Happy birthday, librarian.net. Just think, next year you’ll get to play with all the cool games, none of that babyish ages 3-8 sh!t, no sirree.

  9. Martyn Lowe
    22Apr07 at 4:37

    Good to know your still working on it!

    Also good to know just how many talks you keep doing!


  10. 23Apr07 at 10:49

    You’re probably tall enough to ride on the rollercoasters now, too! Happy (belated) birthday!

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