on the road

I’m on the road for a few weeks, starting pretty much now. I usually don’t even bother saying “won’t be posting here” anymore, since with RSS you don’t even have to care. However I am giving a few talks, two at the LocLib Conference in Perth Australia on March 2nd and one in Adelaide at the State Library on March 6th. I will also be going out to lunch with some librarians in Melbourne on the 10th and attending a MetaFilter meetup in Sydney on the 11th. If you are in any of these places, please try to come by and say hello. I’m also vacationing with my sister, so other than these professional and semi-professional activities, I’ll be away from the keyboard. I return on the 14th, though if the trip is anything like last time, my mind will stay in Australia for several more weeks.

4 thoughts on “on the road

  1. Hi Jessamyn,
    Thank you for coming to Perth and speaking at loclibs. I was particularly impressed with your non-technical approach. I particularly found your comments about not worrying if we aren’t doing all this new stuff (yet) reassuring. There is a temptation for some enthusiasts to imply that if we don’t get with it, we are failures. However that isn’t what I heard you say, so thank you.

  2. Many thanks for the enlighting keynote address at the LocLib 2007 Conferenece. My confidence is flying so high now with trends in technology that I’ve taken the plunge and placed my thanks to you online! Now to make it a reality at work. One step at a time….

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