in Burlington for NELA

I’m in Burlington this evening. I’m going to speak at the New England Library Association conference tomorrow about Web 2.0 stuff. I’ll link to the talk tomorrow. I’m not totally sure why regional library associations like this exist when there are already library associations for all the states they represent, but it’s fun to see a new group of librarians and some old friends, especially Michael Golrick who is moving to a new job shortly and will no longer be a NELA member, Lichen Rancourt, my carpool buddy from Library Camp, Lichen’s Mom (Jay) superstar New Hampshire librarian and Brian Herzog who works at a library near where I grew up. When I met Brian I said “Oh hey, I just started reading your blog” which I guess was a bit surpising to him because he just recently started it. The hotel has a pool so I’m heading down there. If you see me at the conference please come by and say hello.

One thought on “in Burlington for NELA

  1. The states in question are fairly small and probably don’t have as many resources. And if someone can’t afford to go to the national conferences like ALA or PLA, a regional conference is a nice alternative.

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