PALS talks in Illinois

I just got finished doing my two training/talks for PALS in Shorewood Illinois. It was the first talk I’ve done which was videoconferenced or streamed someplace else. It was very odd trying to remember to look into the camera at least somewhat [there was a live audience too, if that’s the right word for it] and not walk to far afield. Both talks went well and both were ALL NEW. It’s been a while since I gave a talk that I made up totally from scratch and this month I’ve given three of them, very exciting. Here are the direct links, thanks to everyone who turned out and made me feel welcome.

Even moreso than my last talks, you’ll need to scoot to the end and click the “printable” link to see my notes for the talk. I’m trying very hard to not just read off the screen if I can help it.

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