Consumer/librarian reviews

My favorite thing about blogs beyond the personal interactions that they afford is reading what people think about more products than I can usefully evaluate on my own. Two reviews that came through my reader lately have been true gems:

1. Mary “LibraryLaw” Minow discusses LibraryElf: My library elf – the joy and the horror
2. Sarah “Librarian in Black” Houghton tries a beta of QuestionPoint’s Flash interface: New QuestionPoint Flash Interface: LiB’s Review

Meredith “Information Wants to be Free” Farkas also does a lot of good no-nonsense reviews.

who owns the review I gave to worldcat?

With OCLCs reader review capability, who will own the data? Asked and [sort orf] answered on the Web4Lib list.

Gorman book review by yours truly

I happened to get a chance to review incoming ALA President Michael Gorman’s new book this month on Info Career Trends: Our Own Selves: More Meditations for Librarian