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new eyes on old organizations

I always try to read at least a few library student blogs, because I think having a new set of eyes on some of the things we’ve been doing for years is often useful. Graham Lavender just went to an … Continue reading

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do library schools need their own libraries?

When I went to library school, the school was actually IN the library, so there wasn’t much question about us having our own library. The Paul Wasserman Library — an independent library at the University of Maryland’s College of Information … Continue reading

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how much has library school really changed?

University of Toronto Library School Annual Examinations, 1934-35. “We owe the alphabet to the Semites, the vowels to the Greeks and the letter forms as well as the transmission of the alphabet to the Romans.” Discuss this statement. [thanks bill]

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what’s the deal with library school enrollment vs. actual JOBS?

Michael McGrorty turns his attention to one of my favorite library topics: the myth of the impending librarian shortage. Worth reading all the way through the comments. A common complaint among current and former students is that they entered library … Continue reading

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ask TangognaT “do I need an MLIS?”

This is a question I get a lot here, ably answered by TangognaT. Man, is everyone using WordPress nowadays?

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