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go vote

I voted. I feel that only one candidate shares my values of intellectual freedom and privacy and the importance of public institutions like libraries. If you’re not against that sort of thing, please go vote today. Thank you.

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On Fact Checking and Sarah Palin and Book Banning

Hi. A lot has gone on since I posted the thread linking to the Time Magazine article about Sarah Palin. I would like to explain some things to possibly staunch the flow of emails I have gotten asking me about … Continue reading

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email != domain name and other gaffes

You know how there are people who like to act like they know what they’re talking about, but sometimes don’t really know what they are talking about? This happens with technology issues a lot. I have students who will report … Continue reading

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why you should run for Council

My ALA Council term is up next year. Originally I intended not to run again because I was going to be out of the country. Now I’m not intending to run again because I’d rather work in highly fulfilling low-paying … Continue reading

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Other Councilors elected

List of other councilors elected, from the same press release. Congrats everyone. Khafre K. Abif Monika Antonelli Toni Bernardi Kathleen E. Bethel Mary Biblo Nick Buron Audra Caplan Barbara Cole Diedre (Dee) Conkling Julie A. Cummins Kathy East Randall Enos … Continue reading

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