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Sexy Librarians for Obama

I voted. I feel that only one candidate shares my values of intellectual freedom and privacy and the importance of public institutions like libraries. If you’re not against that sort of thing, please go vote today. Thank you.

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  1. Fantastic.

    Then again, someone walked in with a HUGE Obama pin at our voting location and no one even said a word. Thank goodness for NE Ohio… we manage to balance out the other bits.

  2. Here in Oregon, all our elections are vote-by-mail. My ballot arrived in the mail 2 weeks ago, and a day later it was in the mail again, back to the elections office. The best part about voting by mail? Once my ballot is received at the elections office, my phone number is removed from political phone lists. Yay, two weeks of no political phone calls!

    BTW, your pin is fabulous. *wants*

  3. So I’m voting for Obama, too, obviously (net neutrality wooooo), but do you still feel that he “shares [your] values of intellectual freedom and privacy” after he voted for telecom immunity? I’m not trying to be contrary–I really do want to know your thoughts on that. He’s clearly the better of the two candidates if you’re a librarian (McCain opposed E-rate, too!) or care about intellectual freedom or civil liberties, but I’m still interested in your thoughts on the telecom immunity vote.

  4. I think the telecom immunity vote sucked frankly, but realistically not enough to make me not vote for him.

  5. I wish I had known about that pin before today! I totally would have gotten one and rocked it all fall. Oh well.

    I am also hoping that the bond issue to fund improvements at three of the branches of Baltimore’s library system will pass.

  6. Jess,

    Great pin! I voted for “that one” too! From opne sexy librarian to another–rockin’ pin, babe!

  7. I voted for “that one” too! There was such good energy at the polls

  8. I find it fascinating that your concept of privacy includes the tacit approval of the Ohio government’s snooping through the files of Joe Wurzelbacher following his questioning of “The One” about raising taxes.

  9. Those were individual Ohio employees, Patch. And I don’t approve, tacitly or explicitly, of what they did. No candidate for a national office is going to match my personal values 100%, I’m just glad there was a candidate who even understood my general apporach to privacy and intellectual freedom issues.

  10. Privacy and intellectual freedom won’t mean squat if the terrorists get back on their feet.

  11. Depends on your perspective really. For many people privacy and intellectual freedom are things that everyone deserves and should not be eroded just in the interests of getting bad guys. Others disagree. I think you and I may be on differing sides of that divide. Intellectual freedom will be important no matter what happens in the future of terroristic acts worldwide.

  12. Hello! I wanted to leave a comment to not only say that that pin in the picture is great, but also to after finding this blog has really inspired me.
    I am currently going to college and have been majoring in art, but I’ve been thinking about finding a different way to go when I thought about becoming a librarian. For a while I kept going over it in my head that it is such a great idea, but I would have to change myself and how I am so much that I was kind of hesitant about working towards that as a career, but after finding this blog I am totally going to go for it. My overall image of the librarian as a lady in a long dress, glasses, and her nose stuck up high has totally changed.
    So I just thought I’d say a big THANK YOU! for that. I feel much more motivated. :D

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