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what can you do with an old bookmobile?

If you’re Tom Corwin you buy it and plan a road trip with authors talking about books that changed their lives. Oh, and make a movie about it. Latest is Daniel Handler (author of the Lemony Snicket series). Read more … Continue reading

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biblioburro movie now available

Remember how much everyone loved the biblioburro story? Now there’s a small movie about Luis Soriano that you can watch and share. Watch this video at Ayoka Productions For the past ten years, Luis Soriano, a teacher in the small … Continue reading

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Only the New York Times would call the act of getting books to people that don’t have them using locally appropriate technology “whimsical.” Here is the story of Luis Soriano and his Colombian Biblioburro (photo essay).

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bookmobiles — dying out?

It’s Banned Books Week and I’ve been discussing issues of access. Today the Boston Globe has this alternatingly irritating and sweet article this week Bookmobiles’ final chapter?. Forgetting for a moment that they broke the cardinal rule of using dippy … Continue reading

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more bookmobiles

Here’s what an Internet Bookmobile does in Finland. [thanks urmas]

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