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  1. How can we contribute to this guy? Anyone know?

  2. I read this article and would love to send a copy or two of my bilingual children’s book for Mr. Soriano to add to his biblioburro collection. The only thing is, I can’t find where to send them. Do you have any idea? If I can get this, I might be able to get more children’s books to send to him as well.
    Thanks for the help, if you can.

  3. I loved hearing about this story! In fact, it solved a real-world problem that I have in describing just how many books we’ve scanned for the Biodiversity Heritage Library through the Internet Archive (22,000 to date). Finally, I have a metric! I included the Biblioburro in a slide for a talk today, and it went over very, very well. People get it. Plus, it’s a beautiful story. Here’s the presentation (which was actually about JPEG2000; I used the Biblioburro example to describe compression technology): http://blog.chrisfreeland.com/2008/10/storage-requirements-for-biblioburro.html

  4. We would like to help Mr. Soriano with books this Christmas. Can you help with a mailing address?

  5. Hello,
    I was also inspired by Luis Soriano’s Biblioburro project and contacted the reporter at the NY Times asking him how to contact Mr. Soriano. I figured it would be bestto contact the guy and ask him what kind of help he needs. So I now have his contact information. I’m going to be getting in touch with him and asking him how we folks in N.America can help. A friend of mine who’s from Venezuela said that not only are libraries few and far between in L. American, but that books are very expensive there. So I’m thinking it might be helpful for supporters to purchase new or collect used Spanish language books here and ship them down to Colombia. Postage for books is very inexpensive. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting involved.
    Debra Alderman
    Antioch University Seattle

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