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dear annoyed…

Thanks Dan Chudnov, for saying what many of us have wanted to say.

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linkdump for october ’08

Again, here are a set of things that maybe don’t need their own post but are worth letting people know about. Literal videos? Have you seen these? They are remixed videos where instead of the lyrics, you see captions or … Continue reading

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who is the annoyed librarian?

Well I’m not the annoyed librarian. When I’m annoyed here I’ll just, you know, say something. However, some of my friends and close associates are likely or unlikely candidates maybe, or maybe not. [thanks twitter!]

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yes, I speak 2.0…

Ryan Deschamps has an interesting and thoughful post about his impressions of people’s tendency to shift “from a rational criticism of the so-called Library 2.0 movement/manifesto follow[ed by] an irrational trashing of anything having to do with Web 2.0 services … Continue reading

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