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  1. That… Well, it seems like a very unwise thing to publish. “Come clean in X number of days or I’ll tell.” Fine. “Pay me or I’ll tell.” That’s blackmail and likely to get him in a hell of a lot of trouble.

  2. Along the lines of Dan Chudnov’s comments:
    “On Anonymity in Libraryland Blogging” by John Buschman, Mark Rosenzweig & Kathleen de la Peña McCook, page 3
    Progressive Librarian Issue 29, Summer 2007.
    [in Lib.Lit.full text if your library doesn’t have a subscription.]

  3. There is an essay, “On Anonymity in Libraryland Blogging” that addresses anonymous blogging and expands on the link that Jessamyn provided in the main entry above.

  4. Right. I meant what is the link that Jessamyn provided all about?

  5. I love how pseudonymous blogging is evidently a heinous crime – but blackmail evidently isn’t. Ah the hypocrisy of libraryland…

  6. As if anything Haworth does heralds the death of peer review – which teh Free Range Librarian should know better than anyone.

  7. I used to read The Annoyed Librarian blog in the false hope that one day soon, fro up there in her ivory tower of academia, she would reveal an idea or two that might be useful to those of us toiling away in the muck and mire of the public libraries. After several months I gave up. I find it quite … annoying … that she is now actually getting paid to lob her little stones at the efforts of hard-working librarians everywhere.

  8. Post appears to have been taken down. Anyone who needs a copy/paste of what it did say, feel free to email me. Humph.

  9. See, I read some of AL’s stuff, went “Oh, it’s Libraryland’s Ann Coulter,” and stopped reading. I don’t feel a need to keep reading or to write long tracts about the AL. Why give him/her/them the attention they crave? Just let them natter on to whatever audience they can gather and stop giving them publicity.

    I feel that as librarians, we should be capable of reading something and determining whether or not it is designed to be helpful or inflammatory. If it is inflammatory, then the best thing to do is stop fanning the fires and ignore it.

    I don’t really care who the AL is. I don’t really give a darn what they think on certain topics. If LJ wants to waste their money on twaddle rather than decent drawings for their columnists, that’s their choice. Rather than freaking out, you’re probably better off laughing it off. It’ll get you a lot farther than blackmail.

  10. Interesting. When I first read about this in FRL, all I could think was WTF?… my second thought, close on the heels of the first thought, was: god, I hate academia. They are such twits.

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