linkdump for october ’08

Again, here are a set of things that maybe don’t need their own post but are worth letting people know about.

I’ll be doing another post on blogs added to my feed reader lately. I had organized and culled and plumped up my feed reading list a few months back [down time on an airplane] and was all pleased but then the hurricane that was my HD crash set me back to the beginning. I’ve been reading some neat stuff that I’ll be sharing with you.

One thought on “linkdump for october ’08

  1. Thanks for the GODORT shoutout Jessamyn. GODORT’s actually running *several* google custom search engines. Besides the one you mention, there’s also one searching 1090 Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) with consultative status with the United Nations and another searching 340 Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs). These search engines will be very helpful to students and researchers on many topics in which IGOs and NGOs are active (AIDS, global development, environment, human rights, gender etc.).

    On the non-GODORT side of things, I’m also building a custom search engine of library Questions&Answers sites (I described it over at LibrarianInBlack) so I’d highly recommend that libraries of all stripes create blogs with their questions and answers.

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