OCLC kerfuffle, summarized in a way I agree with

Stefano Mazzocchi has a summary of the issues in the new OCLC policy dispute. Worth reading, mostly free of handwaving. [thanks peter]

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  1. Jay Says:

    So, I’m a little slow and I’m only halfway through my first cup of coffee, but I can’t find a summary of this situation that I can understand. I’ve looked through -wiki.code4lib.org/index.php/OCLC_Policy_Change- and I can’t find a summary that gets me riled up about this like it seems that I need to be … enough to get me to action. I’m probably not the only one.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    [...] ire online, including from me, and most recently from Stefano Mazzocchi (via Michael Stephens via Jessamyn West).  Those of us who hate the idea of them locking down the rights to records created by its member [...]

  4. Dan Kleinman Says:

    Jay, try “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love OCLC,” by Annoyed Librarian, Library Journal, 17 November 2008:


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  6. sylvie szafranski Says:

    Thanks for pointing to Stephano’s post. it does make sense of the whole mess and I will use it when other ask…
    funny though, when reading:
    “OCLC has slowly morphed from a welcomed institution tasked to help libraries reduce coordination costs to an annoying institution tasked to protect its existence and its monopoly, even at the cost of alienating its own membership.”
    I couldn’t help but be reminded of some libraries doing just that to their people too.