Google Book Search Copyright Settlement

Information you may want if you’re interested in the Google Books lawsuit. I’m still reading so haven’t yet analyzed but this seems like good news?

The library section, down near the bottom of the second link, says this.

This agreement wouldn’t have been possible without all the libraries who have preserved these books and now partnered with us to make so many of them discoverable online. We’re delighted that this agreement creates new opportunities for libraries and universities to offer their patrons and students access to millions of books beyond their own collections. In addition to the institutional subscriptions and the free public access terminals, the agreement also creates opportunities for researchers to study the millions of volumes in the Book Search index. Academics will be able to apply through an institution to run computational queries through the index without actually reading individual books.

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  1. Gretchen Says:

    I can imagine all sorts of really interesting things that you could do with access to the Google book index. If they’re serious about making it available to researchers that’s really great.

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  6. Buzzy Says:

    Thanks for the links, Jessamyn. FYI, though: Courant’s actually UMich’s University Librarian.

  7. jessamyn Says:

    Thanks Buzzy, I fixed the post.