not my iphone… on the iphone

…but thought you might like to see this anyhow. This is how my website looks on an iPhone. Their browser is really interesting looking. I hung out with Casey today as he waited to get an iPhone. As you know, I live in Vermont where they’re not for sale and can’t be activated. Hello digital divide, my old friend.

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  1. 29Jun07 at 8:54

    Are iPhones seriously not for sale in Vermont? Why would that be?

  2. 29Jun07 at 8:56

    They’re not for sale because Cingular/AT&T doesn’t have service in VT technically. I mean I can get service with my Cingular phone but you can’t get an 802 number through them.

  3. 29Jun07 at 8:58

    And iPhones are tied to AT&T. Brilliant.

  4. 01Jul07 at 12:22

    I have the same issue as Jessamyn. Cingular isn’t available in Alaska either. Not that I’d pay $500 for a cell phone.

    But I *am* impressed that your page is actually readable on *any* cell phone!

  5. 01Jul07 at 10:57

    I want one of these iPhones so badly! At the very least, I’ll settle for looking up my blog on someone else’s. Very cool.

  6. 02Jul07 at 8:22

    They aren’t available for sale in the Dakotas or most of Minnesota either. So much for th hype . . .

  7. 03Jul07 at 9:51

    In all fairness to the digital divide, go read the reports of the Cingular Edge service on the iphone… wretched.

    Less populous areas can’t use GSM (which is what AT&T is on) but rather use CDMA for cell phones. CDMA allows the towers to be farther apart and provides *much* faster download speeds for data. So… blame Apple and AT&T for locking up the iPhone for the next five years, but rural states have superior cellular broadband.

  8. Jenn
    03Jul07 at 5:31

    Don’t you know, you never buy anything when it first comes out. You wait to work out all the glitches!!!

  9. 03Jul07 at 10:26

    The $599 price tag is digital divide enough for me. Then again, I still can’t afford an iPod. I do have an iShuffle, but on the Good Ship Lollypop of 21st Century Technofetishism, that’s steerage.

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