My two Australian talks

I’m making use of the wifi here at the Convention Center to make sure my talks are online. Both have been updated, these versions are shorter than similar versions I’ve given before. Thanks to everyone at the LocLib conference for your hospitality, attention and collegiality.

4 comments for “My two Australian talks

  1. 02Mar07 at 4:12

    I’m trying to get caught up on library websites and these are really helpful– thanks.

  2. Kit
    03Mar07 at 9:15

    Hi Jessamyn,
    I really enjoyed your session at the conference.
    I didn’t say hello – but I took your picture!


  3. Eric
    06Mar07 at 1:18

    Thanks for the great talks Jessamyn. I think you did a lot to energize some of the folks in my system. I hope the rest of your stay in Oz goes/went well.

    Here’s hoping the shovelling was all over-and-done with by the time you get back to VT.

    Take care,
    Eric (the guy who’s folks live in Middlebury)

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