A little more from Australia

Hi. Sorry to everyone who tried to access my 2.0 talk and found that it dropped out after the Cluetrain part. A little embarassing, talking about new tech and not being able to get your old tech to work… In any case, it’s fixed now. I’ve also been able to pop in a little and see some of the blogosphere responses to my talks and thought I’d list them here. I’m going to meet with some new librarians from ALIA in Melbourne tomorrow for lunch (thanks for arranging this Michelle!) and then I’m off to Sydney for two days and then home. So, I haven’t been online much — not at all in the past two and a half days — so not much else to report except that I have a sunburn and I plan to have been to four state libraries on this trip by the time I get home which I think is half of… all of them. It’s been a great trip and a real vacation; I’ll be back regular-link next week.

3 thoughts on “A little more from Australia

  1. I hope that the next time you are in Australia visiting State Libraries you will be able to come to Brisbane in Queensland.

    While I would look forward to your talk , I would really like to push a few of my colleagues along who badly need their horizons expanded

    Thank you for visiting Australia.

  2. Jessamyn, it was great to meet you on Saturday and I hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable.

    I forgot to mention that my kids went to school in the neighbouring suburb, Vermont, here in Melbourne – we stress on the first syllable, though, which is crazy, innit? It used to be orchards, and is still quite green for a ‘burb, but not terribly rural anymore (though there are horsepaddocks near the high school.)

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