I believe there are times when self-promotion is helpful

I have a few libraries with newish wireless connections that do not, in my opinion, adequately promote them. I decided that will not be the case with this most recent install. I made flyers from this image and hung them around the place.


4 Responses to “I believe there are times when self-promotion is helpful”

  1. Andrew Says:

    It’s christmassy too! :)

  2. Helene Blowers Says:

    luv it!

  3. cresmer Says:

    Hey, nice picture.

    Yay for you for putting more wireless in our libraries!

  4. K.G. Schneider Says:

    Yeah, you know, it’s that last mile…

    In our great big academic library, it’s obvious. I don’t know why but it is, maybe because the larger campus has a lot of wifi. But people don’t assume public libraries have wifi. Thank you for doing this.