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Hi. I gave a talk today about blogs at the Michigan Library Consortium’s special Program The Library Rebooted. You’d think there wasn’t much left to be said about blogs, but I found a way. It was an interesting day since I was also presenting with Meredith who talked about wikis, Aaron who talked about IM and Darlene who talked about social software. Big fun day and the tippy tail end of my long US tour. I’m going to dinner with librarians tonight, flying out tomorrow, staying with my sister and then taking the long peaceful bus back up to Vermont on Friday. Fifteen days, six beds, five talks, six cities, ten plane rides and one bag + laptop. Except for the lousy “we sort of misplaced your luggage” interlude last night, it’s been a really nice time.

My short talk Blah Blah Blogs: Why They Matter for You and Your Library is online in the normal place. update: Kathy, the well-rounded librarian has blogged my talk.

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  1. 15Nov06 at 5:27

    You mean you & Meredith both won’t be in VT for the
    Switchboard show on libraries tomorrow night?
    Drat, I was hoping you’d be guests, or at least call in. Well, at least they’ve got a podcast.
    Have fun on your travels.

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