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Why They Matter for You and Your Library

Jessamyn West


Hi, My Name is Jessamyn....

...and I have a blog. A few actually.

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Daily show on blogs, how I got and, how I saw things change

What blogs are, usually

an example post
  • blogs inform "most ideas worth sharing aren't finished"
  • "stuff & connectors"
  • other blog like words/pages: journal, "what's new" page, news/events
  • created with a CMS
  • live on the web
  • have some or all of these parts [see image]
Scoble says What made blogging better than Web sites? Five things. 1) Ease of publishing. 2) Discoverability. (Pings or technorati or another ping server). 3) Conversationality. (Trackbacks or as-they-happen referer logs, or now being part of Technorati and other blog search engines). 4) Linkability. (All posts should have permalinks). 5) Syndicatability. (All content should be available in RSS feeds).

What blogs are not, usually

{image source}
950,000 hits for "not a blog" on google
  • formal
  • static
  • newspapers
  • more than a good tool for doing something else

Who has blogs?

The function without the form: RSS

Syndication is what turns blogs into publishing
  • read a stripped down version of your favorite sites via the web or a free application
  • interfile postings from blogs on similar topics
  • where it comes from
  • why it's easy, why it's complicated
  • what it means
  • how it looks

More on RSS

Libraries with blogs?

a non-library example

Ask MetaFilter: questions asked, questions answered, unanswered

A peek at the dashboard

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Jessamyn West is a librarian, community technology mentor, and the editor of the weblog She teaches email classes for seniors, builds tiny websites for tiny libraries and advocates for sensible technology use at all types of libraries.

IM her at iamthebestartist.

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