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The FBI, and whether they’ve been here or not

Hello, I was away for the summer. It seems that there has been some activity. If you’re here because you heard about my The FBI Has Not Been Here signs, here is a link to the page where I first … Continue reading

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Hey remember the USA PATRIOT Act?

The ACLU has made a useful post talking about the Department of Justice’s released statistics about their surveillance activities. Surveillance is up. Section 215 is sunsetting. Osama is dead. What now? The government more than quadrupled its use of secret … Continue reading

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We have always been at war with the USA PATRIOT Act

Congress Extends Library Provision of Patriot Act to 2011. Grar.

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America’s Most Dangerous Librarians

Mother Jones had a good article (print version) about the Connecticut librarians [“radical bookworms” in MJ’s terms, oy!] who fought the USA PATRIOT Act. It’s a little overblown, in my opinion, but has a good sequence of events. Worth understanding … Continue reading

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book scanning for patrons

photo originally from akseabird I’m pretty skeptical when people call anything for sale “revolutionary.” However, a friend sent me this photo which was up on Flickr. It’s a tool called the Bookeye book scanner. It’s a library digitzation product, but … Continue reading

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