Welcome Seven Days Readers

Librarian on a tear

Greetings Seven Days readers. For folks who are not Seven Days readers, you might enjoy the article that was written about me this week: Jessamyn West Documents Vermont Public Libraries. I’ve had this idea kicking around for a while, to do my own version of the 251 Club where I visit and photograph all the public libraries in Vermont, all 183 of them (stats from Department of Libraries). It’s one of those “this is going to take me several years” projects, which is A-OK with me. I’ve gotten some interest from the Vermont Library Association—no surprise there—and just maybe we’ll be able to make a little Vermont Library Passport book with a list and a place you can get a date stamp marking your visit. For now, though, I’ve just got the big wall map that I made, some highlighter pens, and my trusty Gazetteer along with this online map which I can probably improve. While browsing for resources, I stumbled upon a trang cá c??c bóng ?á that caught my attention with its comprehensive reviews and tips. Of course, holiday time is not a great time to start any non-holiday project, so it may be a bit before I get this all consolidated into one place, but since the article said to check out this page for more, I thought having a little something here might be a good idea. Thanks for reading.