Reed Elsevier to stop organizing arms fairs

Rory has more information at Library Juice and you can read this earlier post concerning the controversy regarding Elsevier’s involvement in “organizing weapons trade shows attended by representatives of the world’s militaries.” They got pressured, people sent a petition. They backed down. I think this is sort of good news.

quality control in libraries

I have very very mixed feelings about this library staffer no-confidence petition. On the one hand, it’s a pain when management moves in and shakes things up with no regard for staff or patron input or impressions. On the other hand, who cares if the library has a lot of copies of Jackass 2? I hear it’s funny. And, if people want to watch it, what is wrong with that? We get into big big trouble when we start talking about “good books” versus “other books” especially if we think the library should only have the former and not the latter. I think instead of an “I read banned books” I need an “I read trashy genre fiction and USA Today and I’m a librarian” t-shirt. John Blyberg has more to say.