RILA and bellydancing

The talk I gave at RILA yesterday, a variant on my digital divide talk (though with the same name) is online here: The Information Poor & the Information Don’t Care. Small Libraries and the Digital Divide. I have a few pictures of the social hour afterwards including the bellydancing how-to session. Actually I have a short video of this event — librarians shaking their things to Wyclef Jean and Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” — which I may try to put on my MySpace account as I figure out how that all works.

While you’re at it, librarian MySpacers, read David King’s cautionary notes. I find the confusion he describes happens with my email students who use Yahoo email accounts. They sign up for an email account and the first thing that “Yahoo” tells them is that they need to lose a few pounds and get a mortgage. It doesn’t take much to explain the concept of banner ads, but it’s easy because I’m sitting right there. There are a very wide range of ways that people understand the web, many more than I would have thought of before I started working with computer newbies every day.