SXSW bound? Me too!

For any librarians attending SXSW — which I’m gathering will be at least a few judging from the chatter I’ve been hearing — I’ll be there starting tomorrow night. Here is the short list of events I’m committed to

  • Librarian meetup at the Iron Cactus on Saturday at 12:30 – more details, or here
  • MetaFilter meetup Saturday at 6:30 at Mother Egan’s – more details
  • The panel I’m on about community moderation — with folks from Flickr and YouTube and Etsy and CurrentTV — Sunday at 3:30
  • Fray Cafe Sunday night from 8 – midnight. I’m a featured performer, come hear my crazy story.

I leave on Tuesday. Monday is an open day and I may go to the Ransom Center to see what’s nifty there.