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Hi. I’m messing with my feeds today and starting to move more towards using the XML version of the feed instead of the RDF. In any case, Bloglines has been reporting some versions of this feed [they have several] as unreachable. However, this feed is very much alive, poke around til you find another one.

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hitchhiker outreach

Another hitchhiker outreach story. I picked up a kid who was getting off work at the local ski resort and gave him a ride in to town. He said that he lived right near the library — where I was going — but he never went there because he had “$120 in fines or something” I let him know that our maximum fine on books that have been returned was only $5 so that it was unlikely his fines were that high. When I parked my car, I invited him in “just to check.” Turns out, he had $5 in fines and was so happy to not have his fine be in the double or triple digits that he paid it right then and there and renewed his card. I don’t think I can make a habit of this, but it’s nice when you just tell the truth about the library and people who have been thinking something untrue about it get the message.