two worthwhile reports – ALA on ebooks and a digital curation guide

I’ve been trying to have as much summer as is possible with a messed up ankle. I just got through driving a friend’s Mini Cooper across the country (see photos here) and am heading back to the east coast tomorrow. Have been sitting down to catch up, I’m totally unused to checking email only a few times a day and actually taking a real vacation from MetaFilter. Here are the two things that have bubbled to the top of my pile

1. Digital Curation Resource Guide by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. – very thorough look at what people are writing about digital curation. Available as a website or in EPUB format.

2. ALA’s Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries (pdf) outlining what libraries are looking for, or should be looking for, in the world of ebooks, moving forward. Me, I’m just looking forward to the time when we can call them just books because that’s what they’ll be. We’re not there yet.

3 thoughts on “two worthwhile reports – ALA on ebooks and a digital curation guide

  1. Before ebooks could be known as simply books, a satisfactory retronym for books would need to come into common parlance. The lack is a bit frustrating; lots of options because none of them seem quite right.

  2. I really enjoyed your Route 66 journey. Thanks for sharing your crisp yet luminous images.

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