2011 reading list, a year end summary

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I did a lot of reading-while-traveling this year. I got a lot of travel books from random library booksales. I’ve still been reading in paper-book form, as much as I see the compelling argument for ebook readers, I haven’t made the switch. Here are previous year end lists: 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004. My booklist lives over on jessamyn.info/booklist and it has its own RSS feed. Here’s the wrap-up of what I read in 2011.

number of books read in 2011: 56
number of books read in 2010: 48
number of books read in 2009: 39
number of books read in 2008: 31
number of books read in 2007: 53
number of books read in 2006: 60
number of books read in 2005: 86
number of books read in 2004: 103
number of books read in 2003: 75
number of books read in 2002: 91
number of books read in 2001: 78

average read per month: 4.67
average read per week: 1.01
number read in worst month: 2 (Feb/April/Dec)
number read in best month: 10 (July)
percentage by male authors: 72
percentage by female authors: 28
fiction as percentage of total: 54
non-fiction as percentage of total: 46
percentage of total liked: 92
percentage of total ambivalent: 5
percentage of total disliked: 2

I read a lot of books by a few authors that I found and liked the year including Tana French, Geraldine Brooks and Connie Willis. Still not really on the ebook bandwagon. Still enjoying reading paper books in bed. Still finishing a few books I started in 2011, I expect this trend to continue. Wish me luck, and happy reading in 2011! Feel free to link to your own reading lists in the comments.

7 thoughts on “2011 reading list, a year end summary

  1. Book recommendation: Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett – old enough that there are no digital versions of it.

  2. Hi! I’m a school library teacher. I compared your numbers w/ mine for the past 7 years or so, and I’m really curious; how would you categorize the majority of the books you read? Are they mostly adult books? Mostly 300 pages and up? Do you listen to audiobooks?

  3. i ALSO fell in love with tana french this year! did you read all of hers?
    i think i’m at my all-time high in 2011–76 books. 54 in 2010. 33 in 2009.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Rhonda, I’ve ordered that book. Kelly, I think I read mostly adult books and graphic novels and usually mid-range length (though I guess I could check). I tend to find books sort of randomly so it’s tough to figure out what I’m generally reading. don’t listen to audiobooks, I’m usually strictly podcasts when I’m in the car. Sarah, I think I’ve read everything by Tana French so far, waiting on the new one this coming year.

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