Kos: Ten Years Of Library Internet In A Small Town

This is not anything you don’t know, but it’s a nice eloquent “why you should support your public libraries” essay in a place you wouldn’t maybe otherwise see it.

The local library near where I now live made five computers with an Internet connection available to the public around a decade ago, as well as wireless for those patrons who brought their own laptops.

I’m a recent resident of the area, but a deep family history means that there hasn’t been a season since the system went in when I haven’t spent a sizable chunk of time sitting and listening in the building, within 100 feet of those five computers. Except for a period when the wireless access was removed for a security overhaul, there hasn’t been season I haven’t used the wireless connection there.

This diary is a testimony to what I’ve witnessed in a single small own library.

2 thoughts on “Kos: Ten Years Of Library Internet In A Small Town

  1. The comments following the article are just as interesting as the article itself. To me, the ones about Iowa were just astounding. I wish we could somehow give politicians some common sense.

  2. Great piece, thanks for sharing Jessamyn. Could have been written here!

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