I made the cover of Library Journal for no reason whatsoever

Hiya. I’m preparing for a talk on Social Software that I’m giving in Utica, New York next Friday. I’ve been travelling significantly less and staying home writing much more. It’s been going well. I noticed last night on facebook [thanks Trevor] that I appear to be cartoonified and on the cover of this month’s Library Journal. Of course this is the post-Reed Business LJ, so I can’t find the cover on their new website and Trevor confirms there’s no actual mention of him or me in the actual article, but hey why pick nits? Interested folks can head over to his facebook profile and ID all the other luminaries on the cover including Emily Sheketoff, Nancy Pearl, Toni Morrison, Ginnie Cooper, Jill Nishi, Salman Rushdie, Mario Ascencio, Trevor Dawes, Camila Alire and Keith Michael Fiels floating away holding on to some balloons.

13 thoughts on “I made the cover of Library Journal for no reason whatsoever

  1. Congratulations – I think. Seems like a relatively odd mix of people, especially if you’re not mentioned in the article itself.

    Trevor’s Facebook is friends-only, for what it’s worth.

  2. You rock – what other reason need there be? ;)

    Seriously, I can see where that would seem a bit odd. It’s not like we library folk need bodyguards or M&M clauses in our contracts! But from where I sit, it is nice to see people who do good things get recognition and a modicum of fame.

  3. That’s so funny, I looked at that issue and never caught on, but that certainly looks like you on the front! Too cool Jessamyn!

  4. You are hanging with Nancy Pearl! and blogging it for posterity…

  5. Simon, Jessamyn has already identified all the folks in the photo, and thanks Jessamyn for the edit.

  6. Jess, this is officially the Coolest Thing Ever. And here’s a hint: sometimes if you ask a cartoonist nicely, you can get originals out of them. Might be worth a try.

  7. In order of height on the illustration, you are only beneath Toni Morrison and Salman Rushdie. Unless you count the balloons. Somebody really likes you at LJ. :-)

  8. Very cute! I am glad that you continue to be famous for whatever reason.

  9. Outstanding–now if you can only get to be an action figure like Nancy Pearl…

  10. What ever else it might be,
    it is still the kind of thing which a lot of people put in picture frames & place upon their walls.

    Did you ask just how much it would cost to get hold of the original art work?

  11. I wrote to the artist a few days ago and have not heard back. I think Library Journal is at least sending me a copy.

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