on 2.0 and the twitters

I gave a series of talks — well really one talk three times — for the Nassau Library System on Monday. It was talking about “the 2.0 thing” but mostly in a way that basically encouraged people to think about the content that they may be generating elsewere [via blog, twitter, facebook, whatever] and how to bring that back to their library’s website. We talked about Twitter, because it’s easy to explain, and talked about widgets. You can read the notes to my all new talk here: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About 2.0 But Were Afraid to Ask. I was pleased with it.

I hadn’t even left the library when I got email from one of the morning’s attendees saying “You are the first presenter I’ve seen who managed to convey enthusiasm for web 2.0 tools without also conveying the usual message that those of us behind the curve are a bunch of stodgy losers!” which made me very happy. I’m pretty much done for public speaking until the new year and I think that was a decent note to end on.

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