DIY Book Scanner, details

I’ve mentioned Daniel Reetz’s DIY portable book scanner here before. It’s a great combination of an interesting thing to look at, an interesting project to contemplate and a bit of a gauntlet tossed down as far as bigger questions of why we leave scanning up to the big companies, etc. At the end of my Tiny Tech talks I usually mention it as something in the realm of the possible, even if in a Dream Big way. Daniel was at D is for Digitize last month — a conference I missed because I was in Nevada — and I noticed some interesting back and forth about his scanner project show up in the Library Law blog.

2 thoughts on “DIY Book Scanner, details

  1. These low-cost, grass-roots projects make me wonder where digital preservation is heading as well. If it becomes ridiculously easy to convert to digital, will we need to spend quite as much money and effort preserving the digital copies? After all, paper is one of the few technologies proven to last centuries …

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