2 thoughts on “Library Accessibility – What You Need to Know

  1. Unfortunately, they’re also out of date, or at least some of the links are. The Management one has links to Watchfire Bobby 5.0 and to WebXACT, which were discontinued in February 2008.

  2. Thank you Jessamyn for these helpful ASCLA tipsheets. I am a member of a team of researchers from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama that is providing basic computer instruction to persons with cognitive disabilities. Our project website is http://www.slisoutreach.org/. Our goal is to offer technology, support, and hands on training that aids them in leveraging technology to achieve their personal goals. The tutorials and modules that we developed and are using are freely available on our website. Clearly, these ASCLA tipsheets are quite informative for our project, especially the first, “Library Accessibility: What You Need to Know: Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities.” Thank you again Jessamyn!


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