4 comments for “I am going to Canada tomorrow and would like to see you there

  1. 27May09 at 10:51

    Another great conference I’ll be missing. Dang. Good luck with your presentation.

  2. Shannan
    27May09 at 12:00

    Can’t make it to this one unfortunately but hoping to make CLA next year in Edmonton which will be much more affordable since I live in Alberta!

    Have a great time though – Montreal is a great city with lots of neat places to visit and lots of good food too!

    Oh, and yeah, there’s the conference as well which should be good too and all ;)

  3. 27May09 at 6:24

    Don’t eat the poutine. But have fun.

  4. 27May09 at 11:11

    that’s $40 *Canadian*! can’t wait to see you :)

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