3 thoughts on “Roxbury Vermont library now has indoor plumbing

  1. Hooray for Roxbury! Well done!

    One little library down my way got plumbing only recently. The county tour for library trustees was scheduled for July. The staff of one library served lemonade–very welcome to all on such a hot day. Then the trustees got back on the bus for the next visit, and the next–and arrived an hour later at the smallest library of all, where lack of plumbing was painfully apparent.

    Within the year, that little library received its plumbing.

    So I send my congratulations to Roxbury.

  2. WooHoo! Congratulations! I know what an accomplishment this is! The library in my small hometown recently completed construction on a new library. They were forced to start fresh when the old one was condemned when the toilet fell through the floor!

    The new building is beautiful and represents a huge effort by everyone in the community~ it is enjoyed by all, as I hope Roxbury’s addition will be:-)

  3. It seems obvious to me that having adequate plumbing with comfortable toilets only serves to promote reading and would not be such an afterthought at our libraries. ;-)

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